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Cannabis Prohibition - It's Time To "Tear Down This Wall"
It's Time To Face Facts - The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle, And He's Not Going Back In...
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As a much younger man, I remember sitting and watching the news the night President Reagan gave his famous “tear down this wall” speech. At the time there had been a growing sentiment against the wall in Germany with people on both sides demanding a change. Within the context of that time, we could feel it in the air like a coming storm and when Reagan gave his rousing speech, it kind of crystallized the moment in time and people on both sides realized… it was only a matter of time.

This month something similar happened. In a year that began with California going fully legal, followed by a number of other states following suit (Vermont and Massachusetts become fully legal on June 30th), it has been in the air for some time now. State after state is revising laws to keep up with economic and social pressures. The call for reform is in the air with a staggering 77% of those under 65 favoring legalizing cannabis. And then, this month happened…

It began with our neighbors up North fully legalizing cannabis for adults – end of story. Our entire Northern border sits up against a cannabis legal country. One in four Americans lives in a state where adult cannabis use is legal as well. But, that’s not all this month had in store for us…

  • The FDA approved Epidiolex, the first cannabis-derived medication on the market. Since CBD comes directly comes from the cannabis plant – this in effect nullifies the Schedule 1 status of cannabis – no accepted medical uses. This is a huge step forward in properly classifying cannabis as a useful medicine.
  • The World Health Organization declared cannabidiol (CBD) to be a proven effective treatment with no evidence of health-related problems or indications of abuse.
  • In Congress, a bipartisan group introduced the STATES Act, which would end federal prohibition in all legal states.
  • Chuck Schumer’s bill to end prohibition was finally introduced in the Senate.
  • Oklahoma approved the legalization of medical marijuana in a landslide vote.

It has happened this month, things have turned a corner and change is in the air. Legalization is coming, and most of us know it. What remains are the states that still classify cannabis criminally when the tide has turned against them. In an era of social justice, it is hard to believe that Americans who make a simple choice to consume cannabis are locked up in jail, deprived of their property and have their lives ruined. It’s not madness, it’s beyond madness. It has been shown again and again that the VAST MAJORITY of cannabis users are decent law-abiding citizens that harm no one, including themselves with the choice they make. Having their lives, families, careers, and reputations taken away for this simply reeks of injustice.

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”- Peter Finch, Network

Add to that the extremely biased and unfair application of the laws in today’s society and most Americans are fed up. The one amazing thing we can do in America is let our voices be heard. The tide is with us and the wall will come down. However, now that the time has come – the wall will come down much faster if we all get off our butts and into the world and help tear it down ourselves. This upcoming mid-term election is critical. Please take just 5-10 minutes and write an email to your elected representatives and let them know it is time for an end to this prohibition. People’s lives are being thrown away, and we’re simply not going to take it any more.

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