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Advanced Cannabis Education Becomes A Reality
The University of Cannabis Education Graduates Our First Advanced Extraction And Manufacturing Class
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The University of Cannabis Technology is pleased to announce the graduation of our first advanced extraction and manufacturing class. Our inaugural class was full at our class limit of 5 and both students and instructors found the small class size with an abundance of personal attention to be a great way to go.

We believe that cannabis education has just advanced to a new level, a level that is designed for the serious investor and entrepreneur who want to be able to open a business using proven profitable methods from day one. Our students learned a wide range of topics, from licensing to selective terpene distillation to proper use of the METRC software. Students also learned Supercritical CO2 Extraction, short path distillation, wiped thin film molecular distillation and all of the processes needed to operate a modern, regulated cannabis extraction facility.

Here are a couple of pictures of our students learning the different processes in the manufacturing facility:

In the above picture students are learning how to operate a large, commercial CO2 extractor from Apeks Supercritical.

And in this picture students learn how to operate a wiped thin film molecular distillation machine to produce THC Extract.

Students also spend a couple of days in the classroom learning the business side of our industry and the practical insights needed to run a profitable business in an industry that is literally, unlike any other industry out there.

One of our greatest strengths at UCANNTECH is our teaching staff. Our staff provides an education unlike any other learning facility in the cannabis industry. Headed by Professor James Parco, our students get an education in the cannabis industry and extraction / manufacturing by a tenured professor of business who also owns one of the largest CO2 extraction facilities in North America. This unique combination of over 20 years as a tenured business professor and years of practical experience building an extraction and manufacturing business gives students an education that simply can not be matched in the industry.

There are many people working as teachers in this industry who have no experience teaching, all they have is industry experience. If the person standing at the head of the class knows a lot, but isn’t a quality teacher, you aren’t going to learn very much. At UCANNTECH we combine seasoned teachers and academics with years of practical experience in legal cannabis industry. This provides students with the education they need to get started the right way in the cannabis industry.

And here is a picture of our first graduating class, complete with their custom UCANNTECH lab coats they receive upon graduation:

We want to say congratulations to all the members of our first class, wish them the best of luck, and welcome them to the UCANNTECH family!


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