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The best qualified teachers of success are the most successful in the industry.

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Professor James Parco PhD
Cannabis Business/ Extraction Technologies

James Parco is the current professor of business and economics at Colorado College. He is also the owner of Mesa Organics retail cannabis store and Purplebees Extracts.

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Greta Carter
Cannabis Business and Licensing

Greta Carter, a national thought  leader in the Cannabis Industry, has started,  owned, and sold multiple cannabis businesses in CA, WA, NV and even AK.  She has appeared on CNN, The Profit, MSNBC, The History Chanel, and  most recently, NBC.  She is the subject for feature articles in publications like News Week.  

She moved to Desert Hot Springs from Seattle WA 2 years ago where she opened The HighRoad Consulting Group and assembled a magnificent team. All of that, combined with her 18 plus years at CitiBank doing startups is what attracts new clients to HighRoad as she helps investors navigate this new industry. 

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Dr. Matt Wheatley, PhD
Director of Cultivation Education

Matt Wheatley began his career as a Cannabis grower by simultaneously planting his first garden and enrolling in university Botany courses. In pursuit of a deeper understanding of the biological processes underlying plant growth and development, Matt earned his BS in Botany at WSU, and then PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UNR in Reno, NV, always applying what he learned to his own garden. Motivated by the recent decades during which real scientific research for this plant was not possible, Matt has continued to investigate Cannabis using solid scientific principles to design optimal growth environments and implement best practices for cultivation. Dr. Wheatley can be reached at wheatle8@gmail.com

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Todd Knupp
Extraction/ Marketing/ Web Presence

Todd currently holds 2 pending US Patents for supercritical extractor design. This new supercritical extractor design promises to lower extraction times from 8 hours to under 15 minutes time.

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Parker Walton
Cultivation Education

Parker, originally from Virginia, has always had a passion for cannabis cultivation. While obtaining his B.S. in Earth Science, he gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of horticulture. This appreciation only fueled his passion for cannabis cultivation, and in 2013 he moved to Colorado to get involved in the newly regulated recreational cannabis industry. As now owner of CannaCraft LLC, Parker has gained firsthand experience from initial design through operation of a cannabis cultivation in a highly regulated industry.

Since 2015, Parker has been involved in a high-profile civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) case. This case questions the legitimacy of state regulated cannabis across the United States due to it being a federally Schedule 1 substance. Parker, and his company CannaCraft LLC, are continuing the fight today.

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Brian Staffa
Director of Admissions

Brian has traveled across North America, and recently Africa & Europe, providing strategic leadership for cannabis cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and retail operations. He has toured and assessed over 100 different facilities, including one of the largest retail dispensaries in the US, the largest cultivator and processor in Canada, and the largest license holder in the US. Brian has consulted for both cannabis license applicants and operations in 24 of the 29 legal states, three Canadian provinces, and a handful of other countries abroad.

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